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welcome to NDIS Loan Expert Broker

You like to buy an NDIS property? Like to invest in SDA property? Is your challenge to be get an NDIS property investment loan? You have spoken with your broker or banks and they said they are not able to do NDIS property loan.

This does not surprise us at all. We hear the same thing from at least 3-5 NDIS property investors everyday. Their day to day broker or lender is not to able assist them with NDIS property investing loan.

But not worries because we have a solution for you. We are NDIS Loan Experts and if you let us be a part of your NDIS property investing journey, we can get you an NDIS loan ( SDA Property Loan) in 3 simple steps.

We have specially and highly trained NDIS loan brokers or NDIS Specialist brokers who specialize in NDIS loan that will allow you to purchase NDIS property(SDA Property) including NDIS constriction loan, NDIS refinance loan or NDIS Property Purchase Loan.

We have access to many lenders, who can do NDIS loans. We use NDIS Rental Income or SDA Rental Income to service your loan or borrowing capacity so we never have a problem getting NDIS loan (SDA Investment Loan) approval.

We can do an NDIS loan up to 90% Loan to Value Ratio(LVR) including insurance or risk fee. Yes, you read it correctly - we can do NDIS loan up to 90% LVR, Whether it is SDA construction Loan, SDA Refinance Loan or SDA Purchase Loan.

We do not need any extra or additional documents than what you would; provide to get your home or residential investment loan.

We only need 3 things to get your loan sorted - Your ID document, your income document & evidence of Savings or Equity.

Yes, we use NDIS rental income to service your loan.

Normally, you would like to know about interest rate - interest rate for NDIS loan will be similar as a residential investment loan.

Not bad!!!

One last thing - you might have heard valuation typically comes lower for NDIS property. This is not true with us. 9 out of 10 times, NDIS property valuation comes right on the money with us. How do you get NDIS property valuation right? Simply because we, our NDIS lenders and NDIS valuers understand how NDIS property works.

NDIS looking easy now!! How can our specialist NDIS brokers make NDIS Investment Loan happen so easily? Simply because we understand how NDIS investing works (SDA Rental Payment), whilst 99% of other brokers have no idea.

This is what differentiates us from the rest and make us the NDIS Loan Experts.

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NDIS Loan Options
You are full covered - whether you are looking for construction, refinance or purchase
NDIS Construction Loan 

Like to buy NDIS Land & House Package? We can get you loan up to 90% of valuation (LVR).

NDIS Purchase Loan

Like to buy a newly built or existing NDIS properties? We can get you loan up to 90% of valuation (LVR).

NDIS Refinance Loan

Paying too much interest rate for NDIS loan and like to secure a better rate? We can get you loan up to 90% of valuation(LVR) with market leading interest rate which will save you thousands.

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Looking for More NDIS Loan Options
You are full covered - whether you are looking to NDIS SMSF, Low Doc or Low Income Loan 

Like to buy NDIS property in your SMSF? We can get you loan up to 80% of valuation (LVR).

NDIS Low Doc Loan

Like to buy am NDIS property but do not have documents up to date to prove your income? We can get you loan up to 80% of valuation (LVR).

NDIS Low Income Loan

Your broker or bank has told you, you do not have adequate income to buy an investment property. We can get you loan up to 90% of valuation (LVR).

here some Key Information 
The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provides funding to eligible people based on their individual needs.
Eligible people, known as participants, have an individual plan that lists their goals and the funding they have received. NDIS participants use their funding to purchase supports and services that will help them pursue their goals.

SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) is a new housing market specifically for people with disability which is emerging across Australia.

But this is not for everyone with disability, rather only for people with disability who have very high support needs.

NDIS will deliver through an ongoing subsidy for people with disability to access housing, Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) payments. In July 2016, NDIS introduced a funding stream to build new accessible and affordable housing for 28,000 Australians living with disabilities.

Investing in NDIS can be very life changing for you at the same time it is highly and socially responsible investment by providing an Australian living with disability a purpose-built home.

Aside from the obvious social outcomes, investing in an SDA property comes with some unprecedented financial outcomes:

–        Monthly income can range from $6000-$10000

–        Government-backed

–        20-year rental lease

The Government has pledged a staggering $700 million for 20 years to fund the builds for SDA properties in an effort to encourage private sector investment.

So, what are you waiting for?

The one number attribute that separates successful people from unsuccessful people is their ability to make timely decision.

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Government Backed

NDIS is funded by the federal and states government

$22 Billion Funding A Year

NDIS will provide $22 billion in funding a year to qualified disabled people

Specialist Disability Accommodation

NDIS do not own or operate any SDA - Specialist Disability Accommodation 

$5 Billion Investment Required 

It is estimated that $5 billion private sector investment is required to construct SDA houses to meet demand

Custom Design

SDA homes are specially built to exact standards, set out buy the NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation Design Standard.

$700 million Rental Payment

NDIS has estimated that $700 million per annum will be spent on SDA paid by the NDIS. 

SDA Provider

You need to engage a SDA provider to secure eligible disable tenants

$5-10K Monthly Rental Income 

Depending on the type and number of tenants, you could receive monthly rental income of $6-10K.